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iPod Photo Recovery

  • An award winning utility to recover photos lost after updating iPod Classic, Nano, Mini and Shuffle etc.
  • iPod recovery software is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X
  • Capable enough to restore JPEG images from iPod frozen due to error 1429 including other popular photo file formats like JPG, PNG, GIF etc.
  • Allows you to recover photos deleted after accidental restore of iPod on Mac OS X
  • Proficiently restores deleted / lost photos from the iPod due to any complex scenario

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Best iPod Recovery Software

Best iPod Recovery Software

Before being familiar with the key features and functionalities of the software, it is equally important for you to know various scenarios under which images are likely to be lost from the iPod.

iPod restore tool can retrieve pictures from the scenarios like:

  • Images lost while transferring: If you want to transfer some pictures from the memory card of the digital camera to your iPod, then first you need to download the pictures from the memory card to your computer and then you need to synchronize your iPod to your computer in order to transfer those images to your iPod. If any interruption occurs during the transfer process, then the images on the iPod may get corrupted leading to image loss from iPod.
  • Synchronization Error: While viewing images on iPod you cannot drag a particular or a bunch of pictures like that of the music files in iTunes, but you can synchronize the pictures by selecting an appropriate option. However, if the synchronization process is interrupted due to some reason, then it may give rise to inaccessibility of images stored on the iPod.
  • Accidental deletion: You may delete all the pictures from the iPod by accidentally selecting restore option in the iPod. As a result the iPod will get restored to the factory setting which will delete all the images from the iPod.
  • Sudden Power Failure: If there is a power failure while the iPod is connected to the computer, then it may affect the photos stored in the iPod resulting in loss of pictures files.

Sometimes you may also lose files due to upgradation of iPod devices after improper system shutdown or bad internet connection during upgradation. But using this software you will be able to get back all missing files after upgrading iPod Classic & other models of iPod devices within a few mouse clicks.

Often due to iPod corruption you may encounter error 1429 message. This error message may also occur if iPod freezes on regular basis, application crash or reformat. But you don't need to worry, you can find missing JPEG & other image file of different formats using this software. Take a look on this link to get more info about the recovery procedure.

Key Functionalities of iPod picture retriever:

  • This tool can easily retrieve images lost / deleted due to any of the above stated scenarios
  • It provides easy-to-use interface i.e. it does not require any technical knowledge to use this software
  • This software is capable of retrieving all the popular image file formats like JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG etc. from various iPod brands like iPod Mini (Apple iPod Mini first generation, Apple iPod Mini second generation etc.), Nano (like Apple iPod Nano fourth generation, Apple iPod Nano fifth generation etc.), Classic (Apple iPod Classic sixth generation, Apple iPod Classic seventh generation etc.) and Shuffle (Apple iPod Shuffle third generation, Apple iPod Shuffle fourth generation etc.) after accidental restore of iPod on Mac. Check out the site to gather more about iPod photo recovery
  • It also supports recovery of music files such as MP3, MP4, M4V, etc. as well as video files such as AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG, MPG, etc.
  • The software allows you to retrieve pictures from iPod Nano after sync error 13019 that occurs due to Windows Registry corruption or virus infection.

Immediate precautions need to be taken right after picture loss are:

The deleted / lost iPod pictures do not permanently delete from the iPod’s memory. Though being inaccessible to the user, the deleted / lost pictures remain on the iPod until they are overwritten. Once the deleted / lost images on the iPod are overwritten, they are permanently lost. Therefore, these are some precautionary steps mentioned below which are to be followed right after the images are deleted / lost from the iPod in order to avoid permanent loss of the iPod images.

  • Stop saving new pictures in iPod, since it might cause overwritting of the deleted images on the iPod
  • Do not install the iPod Photo picture utility on same iPod from where you lost an image
  • It is better to use the demo version of the iPod image recovery tool in order to estimate the recovery chances
  • If you are satisfied with the demo version’s performance you can buy the full version of the iPod picture restore tool

Useful steps to recover photos using iPod photo recovery software:

Step 1: Connect the iPod to the computer using USB cable. Download and install the demo version of the iPod image retriever in the hard drive of your computer. After successful installation, select “Recover Photos” from the main screen

iPod Photo Recovery - Main Screen

Step 2: After that you will get a new window with two different options like “Recover Deleted Photos” and “Recover Lost Photos”. Choose the option that matches your image loss scenario

iPod Photo Recovery - Recovery Mode Selection Window

Step 3: After that select the iPod as the logical drive from which the pictures are to be recovered and then click on “Next” to start the scanning process

iPod Photo Recovery - Drive Selection Window

Step 4: After recovery process is completed, you can preview the list of retrieved pictures using Preview option

iPod Photo Recovery - Preview Window

How to avoid picture loss from iPod in the future?

  • It is best to backup of all your important images so that you can restore them from the backup files in case you face data loss scenarios in the future
  • Carefully select any unwanted file before pressing delete button. This will minimize the chances of accidental deletion of the picture files
  • Do not remove the connectivity of the iPod from your system abruptly in between the file transfer in order to prevent loss of images due to interrupted transfer process


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